Birthday Story ideas for social media platforms | 25+ story ideas 💡

So how are you guys I hope you all are good so in today's article I am going to tell you story ideas, if you are worried about your Instagram story and Snapchat story Facebook story then this will help you Instagram facebook story id today.

Story ideas

In today's era, as you must have seen, your friends or your followers put very attractive stories on their social media story or if someone has a birthday, then they put a story on social media to wish their birthday, that too in a very creative way.  
One such way, I am going to tell you how you can create a creative story. Creative stories not only work to engage your audience, but with the help of this, your followers likes also increase.

How to use story idea templates 

I am going to tell you simple ways, you do not have to do anything, the images are given below, by clicking on image and just download, you have to long press, download after long press and simply go to your story page, there only you have to open story  section, You have to put your photo on the place where it is given and you have to publish the story, you can see the designs given below, we have given one better design for, you can download and put on  your snap story Instagram  and Facebook story, It will be very easy to put story nor do you have to do any hard work, just download and put photos on story, I hope you will like our today's article.

Birthday Story ideas

If it is the birthday of any of your friends or a relative's birthday or it is your own birthday, then you can create an attractive story on your own birthday or on someone else's birthday, in which you need to work harder.  It is not simple, you have to download the photos given below, after downloading, you have to go to the story and where the blank space has been left for the photo, you have to upload your photo and your story is ready.