1. How to Increase free Instagram Followers | Best follower apk for free

1. NS followers

The first app on our list to increase Instagram followers is called NS Followers and it is also the best one because I myself use it to increase Instagram followers.

With this, you can increase as many followers as you want, that is, you can increase unlimited followers, although it is mandatory to have enough coins to increase the subscription the more interesting is that in this you can get unlimited coins absolutely for free.

This is also automatic, yes you heard right, in this you can see the automatic coin increase feature with which you can increase unlimited coins and convert that coins into followers.

In this, you will need a minimum of 200 coins to increase your followers and with 200 coins you can increase 100 real followers it will take 15 minutes to increase this number of coins because it is automatic so coins will increase in less time.

In this you also get a manual way to increase followers so that the person you follow will also follow you, it's a bit of a long process but it's useful.

But I would like to tell you clearly that you should not use your main Insta ID to increase followers, that would be advice from me for you.

Features of NS Followers app-

  • You can increase your followers by not following any users.
  • With this, you can see who is following you.
  • There is no need to create a new account or increase the subscription on the same one.
  • The number of followers will automatically increase after setting up this application.
  • You can unfollow all of the following with one click.
  • Increase coins automatically.
  • Follower increases by 2 coins

How to Increase free Instagram Followers with NS Follower App?

STEP 1. Download the NS Follower app first by clicking the button below.

STEP 2. After downloading the application, open it.

STEP 3. Once opened, you will see an option to connect to Instagram, click on it.

link to Instagram by clicking
STEP 4 - Now log in with your Instagram ID and password on which you want to increase the number of followers.

STEP 5- Once logged in, the NS Follower app will open and in order to increase the number of followers, you first need to increase the number of coins, for this, you will see the option of automatic mode (Plus+), once you click on it, automatic coins will start increase.

STEP 6. When your coin exceeds 200, you will see the next order section, select the number of coins you have and click Submit Order.

send the order by clicking
STEP 7. Once you click "Submit Order", your Instagram will increase by 100 followers, and the more coins you have, the more followers you can increase.

Increasing the number of followers on Instagram's best follower app

App Name NS follower
Size: 8.47 MB
4.6 star rating
Download 50 million+
Download NS follower 

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