Krish 4 new trailer official | krrish 4 official trailer release date krrish 4 trailer | krrish 4 new trailer official

Krish 4 new trailer official | Krrish 4 official trailer release date Krrish 4 trailer | Krrish 4 new trailer official 
Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan gave his fans a huge surprise. He made a big announcement as the 'Krish' series completed 15 years. On this special occasion, he announced the sequel of the film, 'Krish 4'. Hrithik made this announcement through a video teaser. Which is now making waves on the internet.

Krrish 4 official trailer release date Krrish 4 trailer.

When a fan asked Hrithik Roshan about Krrish 4 live on Instagram he said that soon you are going to watch Krrish 4, soon you will get to see the trailer of Krrish 4, and the release date expect December 2022, That's in which you actors are also going to be seen with some new looks.

What did Hrithik say?

Sharing this video, Hrithik Roshan wrote in the caption, 'The past is gone. Let's see what the future brings. Krishna completes 15 years, Krishna 4.' Now #Krish4 is constantly trending on Twitter. This video is getting fans excited about the next step in the film franchise.

Hrithik Roshan's tension has reduced a lot after the release of Hrithik Roshan's Vikram Veda movie, recently Hrithik Roshan has also announced Krrish 4.