How can I get 1000 followers on Instagram?

How can I get 1000 followers on Instagram?

 Friends, in today's time, Instagram has become the most social media platform, and not only this, you can also make a different identity from Instagram because if you become viral on Instagram then many people know you. That's why friends, today I will tell you that you can increase followers on your Instagram.

Although there are many websites or tools, with the help you can increase your followers, but those followers are not real or after a few days they will automatically decrease because increasing followers from any website or tool are the wrong way. So you will get recognition and neither will likes or comments come on your photo or video because your followers will not be real, they will be nonactive followers.

But friends, today I am going to tell you some tips, if you use them, you can increase real followers on Instagram, and you will also get fame.

 How to increase Instagram followers.

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Friends, you will find many such videos on YouTube, by watching you can increase followers from 100 to 10000k but this will not help you because gradually those followers will decrease, so you do not watch those videos for Instagram followers.

Let us now know some tips which will help you to increase followers on Instagram, I will not tell you about any website or tools, whatever tips or tricks I will tell will be real tricks, so you can use them without any doubt.

1. Create an attractive profile

Friends, whenever someone comes to your Instagram account, first of all, he sees your profile photo or bio, so you have to add a good profile photo and link to your YouTube channel or website or any other social media platform in your bio, and write something good about yourself so that your profile looks attractive.

This is the first trick, you will not get much benefit from it but it is very important, so make your profile attractive, after that follow the tips given below.

2 . Post-Daily ( Regular post )

For increasing followers on any kind of social media platform, you have to be active on that platform and put one post or more every day, along with this you also have to take care of the time, you set a particular time and upload the post at the same time every day. If you do it at 5:00 or 8:00 pm, then it will benefit you more and your account will reach more people.

Therefore, along with a good post, keep in mind the time as well. You can also put a good photo of yourself in the post or you can put a post according to your topic.

3. Use Hashtags

Friends, you have to use Hashtags in your post along with posting daily, using hashtags makes your post reach more people, you have to use trending hashtags and you can take the help of the internet to find trending hashtags You will find many tools or websites that will help you in hashtag research.

But keep in mind that you should not use more than 6-10 hashtags in one post, otherwise Instagram will freeze your account and stop sending it to people.

So do not use more hashtags and use the same type of Hashtag as you want to increase the followers, if you want more information about hashtags, then you can read other post where Hashtag is explained in detail, read the post. 

Click here

You can see in the photo above that this is a motivational Instagram page and the hashtags they use are also related to their posts, you also have to use hashtags according to your post.

4. Likes or Comments

Friends, you also have to like or comment on someone else's photo or video, this makes Instagram think that you are an active user and because of this, Instagram makes your account reach more people, many people do not like others' videos and photos But they do not even comment, this is absolutely wron. thing.

You have to like and comment on the videos of others, maybe those people come to your account after seeing the comment and this will increase the reach of your account and maybe their followers will also come to your account and if they like your account then He will also follow you.

Like and comment is necessary to boost your Instagram followers.

5. Create a video/reel ( daily 1)

Friends, Instagram reels video is a new feature of Instagram, using this you can increase your followers on Instagram very fast, many people have become viral by making Instagram reels videos and I know that you too must be watching Instagram reels videos, then friends, go and try to create something different on your Instagram.

Friends, Instagram supports everyone, but take care of the 5 tips I have told you, you can boost your Instagram followers soon, by taking care of them, the best way according to us is Instagram reels video, you start posting a reels video every day. Give it and after a few days, you will start getting results but keep in mind that you have to make attractive reels videos as well as your bio.

If you want to know tips or tricks for making your reels video viral, then you can read our other post Click here to read another post take care of that too.

6. Update Daily Instagram story

To increase the reach of your Instagram account, you should put a story every day, if you want, you can put your reels video or your photo in the story, that will increases the reach of your Instagram account because your story reaches new people apart from your followers. If they like your story then they will follow your account and if they like your content then they will definitely follow you.

 So to increase the reach of your account, Post an Instagram story daily.

Don't do this 

 Friends, if you want to increase your followers on Instagram, then never make this mistake, many people create two and more accounts on Instagram with the same mobile and same number, friends, you do not have to do this at all, if you do this then Instagram Will freeze both your accounts, after that no matter how hard you will try, neither your video will be viral nor your account will reach to another people in spite your followers.

We have made the mistake of creating two accounts, so don't do it.

Friends, always keep one thing in mind, whatever work you do, do it with all your heart, if you really want to increase followers on Instagram, then with your true hard work, keep posting a reels video every day, and you will get results soon and your followers will grow.

If you do not want to post daily then you must put a reels video every day I have a friend who puts comedy reels videos and today he has more than 200k followers but he makes his reels video very attractive.

If you want to share this information with your friends, then you can do so so that your friends can also know that you will get share buttons further you know what you have to do.