Where Is Shihab Chittur Now? Who is shihab Chittoor || shihab Chittor Haj yatra .

Who is Shihab Chitoor, why it is becoming so popular on social media, we will talk about this in today's article.  Shihab Chitoor has left Kerala on foot for Hajj i.e. Mecca but this is not an easy task, for that he will have to pass through 4-5 countries through Kerala.

Where is Shihab Chittur?Now

Everyone is curious to know where Shihab chittur has reached at this time, let me tell you that Shihab is passing through Gujarat at this time, May the upper man make Shihab successful in his mission.

Who is Shihab Chittur?

Birth Name - Shihab Chittur

Nick Name - Shihab

A native of Kerala - Profession

Date of Birth -1993

Birth Place - Kerala, India

Gender - Male

Religion -Muslim