Naked photo of Ranveer Singh, funny reactions of fans | Ranveer Singh naked photoshoot

Ranveer Singh Naked photo shoot

Seeing the nude photos of Ranveer Singh, people are making fun of Ranveer Singh, but in a recent interview, Ranveer Singh said that Ranveer Singh does not care about these things.  

Somewhere displeasure is being expressed after seeing these photos and somewhere Ranveer Singh is being made fun of but Ranveer Singh is in a lot of discussion about these photos.

Poonam replied on his photos.

In fact, Ranveer Singh's nude photos made quite a few headlines.  Ranveer Singh appeared naked in Paper magazine.  In some pictures, the actor is wearing black pantyhose, and in others he is seen completely naked.  Poonam Pandey also responded by sharing a picture of Ranveer Singh.  Sharing two pictures of Ranveer Singh, Poonam Pandey wrote, “You beat me at my own game Ranveer Singh.