Fast and Furious 9 : Watch on Amazon prime video

Fast and Furious 9

There is good news for fans of the Hollywood movie Fast and Furious.  This movie is released on OTT.  Fans have been waiting for the OTT release of this movie for a long time.  Seeing the public's frustration, it is now launched on the digital platform.  Fast and Furious 9 - The Fast Saga has hit theaters around the world.  In such case, if you haven't seen this movie, you can watch this action packed movie on OTT.

F9 Summary

At the beginning of Fast and Furious 9 we are shown the time of 1989, where a car is running, after a while the car stops to check and the person in the car is named Jack.  ,  Joe talks to his son Tom, and says to the other boy, Look at the car named Jacob.  Checks the car, and then Jack starts driving the car again on the racing track, but it's probably not a good day, so the car crashes, the car flies off and Jack dies in the accident  And Tom sees his father dying before his eyes, which he cannot forget for the rest of his life.

Fast and Furious 9 One Diesel Entry

    WThen there is the day in which Tom (Vin Dussel) has grown up, has a young son and lives in the middle of the woods with his wife Letty and is living a very happy life.
    Fast and Furious 9 Roman, Fast, Ramsay Entry
    Then his old friends come to visit him, Tom sees them and takes out his gun, he thinks someone has come to kill him, so his friends tell him how you welcome your guests (in the first part you told them  Told (I must have seen) their names are Roman, Tej and Ramsi.  Tom asks why did he come here.

Fast and furious 9 mission

    So Roman told him that no one sent me the message that we had cooked the cipher and while we were taking it his ship crashed .......

Fast and furious 9 Trailer